Sexchatting numbers - Apple podcasts not updating

Also, thank you Roxann Pollard of your findings and tips! Also the fact that I can control what gets downloaded and when to clear the data is amasing ...

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The next version should bring Bluetooth keyboard support for those pesky passwords, the ability to create app folders on the home screen and a new app switching interface.

Slowly but surely, Apple is fixing all the shortcomings of its new TV platform.

and also can I ask if the new podcast app has the smart boost or sort of playback option like overcast and downcast does offer. too much extra info that has to be scrolled through This is horrible I absolutely hate the new update and I can’t see myself listening as often as I have become to. One big issue I noticed, is that if I play an episode from a podcast, when as before it would play episodes from that podcast one after the other, now this isn't happening.

I have set for the episodes of a podcast to be played from oldest to newest, but there seems to be a lack of continuity and the next episode simply won't play automatically, even though there are more episodes on my i Pad for that specific podcast.

Some podcasts tend to be quite long, and many people listen to them over multiple sessions. Once you pause your podcast, you can’t start it again.