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When the festivities come to a close and it's time to get close to that cutie, why no…Cuffing season is a colloquial term for the phenomenon that takes place during the fall and winter months, in which people who usually prefer to be single feel the need to be tied down. Most of us social media gurus will be waiting to capture the perfect moment to share with our circle.Cuddle weather — aka low temperatures — leads to an increased de…It's just about a wrap on 2017, which means it's time to start looking to the future and asking the tough questions. If you're in a relationship, then the pic and caption you post will li…Ah, the holidays. You get gifts from your loved ones, incessant questions from grandma about either 1) why you're still single, 2) when you and your partner are getting married, or 3) when you and your spouse a…With just a few more days left in 2017, if you haven't already, it's definitely time to start piecing together your plans for New Year's Eve.Sometimes the more you want a person, the more their sexual past bothers you.

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The temperature is dropping and time is running out to find someone to date during cuffing season.

If you haven't snagged someone to keep you warm this winter, don't panic just yet.

But now, thanks t…Whether or not you write out resolutions, I think it's safe to say that everyone enters the New Year with a certain set of hopes and expectations.

And, regardless of your relationship status, I'm guessing about half of those have to do with your love…You know you've officially reached adulthood when you can't seem to go five seconds without hearing about a friend or acquaintance's new engagement.

The couple are gorgeous, clearly in love, and bucki…Love is wonderful for many reasons.