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If they’re going to do anything vaguely silly you always get a bit of warning in advance.

My two are 18 hands and 18 hands one, and I’ve had them since they were six months old so we’re buddies.

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It’s beautiful riding country where we live and the Clydesdales are hysterical – it’s like riding underwater because they’re so long-legged and hairy.

Everyone who rides them just smiles because they’re so big.

I’m not much use early on but I’m just starting to be introduced into the process and I like that. We find that the people who like Doc Martin are really potty about it, and the series has a whole new fellowship in America who call themselves Clunatics.

They come over in groups to watch filming and get saturated in it all, which is really sweet.

After all that farming we’ll have a casual lunch, and then supper that night is always a roast chicken with cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes, parsnips, peas and carrots.