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If you want to be friends then the both of you will be open to each other as opposed to a closed off way.

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What happened was she waited for me to show her and so right after work I walked with her as if we were shopping together I guess you could say.

Unfortunately, a lot of the stores were closing too which meant she couldn’t buy the item.

If a guy like me asks those questions then that means you can relax as there is something about you that I like.

Sure enough though, she seemed to just walk away with that “Nothing is working” mentality and questioning whether or not I had any interest in her.

Now here was a big clue that I gave as a way of saying “you seem like a cool person and I would be really interested in learning more about you too”. What happened was that she would come back to the store to chat with me again in a semi nervous type of way.


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    If someone died and they robbed the person as well, it could mean 1-degree murder, a death penalty charge.

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    Males would become members of matriarchal households, expected to serve their matriarchs and their wider society, as had been their way for the 500 years since they had wrested control of their home planets from the destructive ways of their males.

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    For some people this might be intimidating and rough.