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section 3 provides for the furnishing of particulars relating to a waqf to the court, that is ..... the appellant was subsequently tried at patna by a munsif magistrate with first class powers and convicted under s. section 5 provides for the establishment of two bodies corporate known as ..... the common question which arose and still arises is whether these wakfs are affected by the passing of the west bengal estates acquisition act, 1953 (west bengal act i of 1954). the preamble and some provisions of the act require to be set out. the judgment-debtor or has some connection with his estate (very remote in the case under consideration) can do so. the act refers solely to wakfs which shall be .....

65(1) of the act and sentenced to pay a fine of rs. that act, in common with similar acts of other states in india abolished from a date notified by the state government all intermediaries such as proprietors, ..... the earliest statute on the subject is one of 1601 in the forty-third year of the reign of queen elizabeth i and in its preamble it gave a list of charitable objects which came within the purview of that act, and for another, courts in england extended these instances to others by analogy and the subject is often rendered vague and ..... the act says:whereas doubts have arisen regarding the validity of wakfs created by persons professing the mussalman faith in favour of ..... created in future, they would under the act be held good.

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The result would be an accumulation of property without any definite object which is countenanced neither by the Mahomedan law nor by the Anglo-Indian law, namely Section 18, T.

these are the alternative constructions which can be applied to {he preamble. wakf shall be deemed to be invalid merely because the benefit reserved ..... act 6 of 1913 was described as an act to declare the rights of mussalmans to make settlement, and the preamble stated:whereas doubts have arisen regarding the validity of wakfs created by persons professing the mussalman faith, etc., and whereas it is expedient to remove such doubts.17. lordships of the privy council held in solehman quadir v. a follower of the hanafi sect and abide by all its tenets.

The word "wakf" has been used in the Act itself, (Ex. The word has not been used by the legislature as meaning a dedication for the benefit of the poor alone.

It includes a dedication for religious and pious objects as well.

One was a document described as a will, which was executed on 22nd June 1909, another was a codicil to that will executed on 3rd January 1911, and lastly he executed the document which is in dispute before us. By the document of 23rd October 1913 Mubarak Ali provided (see p.