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“I felt they might have pulled the movie if we fought any further,” she said.

Though she had arresting cameos in “Lost in Translation” and “Brokeback Mountain,” her more usual task, in fare like “The Hot Chick,” has been to perform CPR on such dialogue as “It’s not every day that your best friend grows a penis”—to be a one-woman rescue team for films that aimed low and crashed before they got there.

Faris’s trademark is the power-through: after her character has done something incredibly stupid or embarrassing, she doubles down, gamely swinging a fist to rally a doomed effort. ” Ally plays darts with a British lover who believes she’s British, too, and, as her accent slips, drink by drink, from plummy Oxbridge to wobbly Cockney—“Bloody ’ell, I’m rubbish at this!

Teen-age girls relish the film’s empowering if somewhat head-scratching message—love yourself for who you are, but get a great makeover—and they especially relish the way Shelley commits people’s names to memory by intoning them in a growly demon voice: “The makers of “What’s Your Number? “We thought, Would twenty guys be too many for the audience to relate to her? “But if you take the number down—and we thought about fifteen, or even twelve—it makes the film less bold.

And the number needed to be high enough to be a sufficient source of concern for Ally.”“I voted for a lower number, like one,” Tom Rothman, the co-chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment, which distributes New Regency’s films, said. But he went on to say that “there’s an innocent quality to Anna’s sexuality, and an inherent kindness to her, that makes it possible to make a movie about sex and have it feel like she’s still a sweetheart.” Faris’s bet that she can succeed without becoming America’s sweetheart is strongly hedged, in Rothman’s view, by the fact that she already is.

”Being funny is the first criterion for comic actors, and somewhere down the list for comic actresses.